Monday, March 21, 2011

Jewels' Tonsils

About a month ago my little sister Jewles kept getting sick with Strep Throat. By the 3rd time, my Mooma decided to take her to the Pro.doctors. They said she needed surgery quickly. So out her Tonsils went, and in came the ice cream.
Here is her side of the traumatic story:
"Well I woke up and was really tired, It was like 8 in the morning. We drove to the place near where you had that ear surgery and a really nice nurse put me in comfy socks and hair cap. They ran out of hospital gowns for kids so I had to wear a small adult one and it was huge! They put me in a bed and talked to my parents for a while. Then the nurse stuck an I.V. in me. It didn't hurt, It was like a small pinch. But it made my arm feel weird because the stuff they were putting in it. They gave me a coloring book but I didn't really feel like coloring. Turns out the kid before me had just gone in so we had to wait a while... After some time my parents asked if I could go in and they said I could, so they wheeled me into a different room and placed me on a cool table. Some guy put a mask on me and told me to breath in while he was hooking up my I.V. bag to something... Then I woke up with a sore throat... I remember not wanting to be there and was mad about it." Jewels crunched her face up then said "Mom says I looked like this when I woke up and the first thing I said was: "I wana' go home -____-""

(Before Surgery) Her tonsils were huge!!!! (Can I make her open that mouth any wider? XD)
(After) White, empty scoops for holes where her tonsils used to be. (Yummy blue Gatorade)

Well the first day after her surgery was all happy go lucky (due to drugs) until she woke up the next morning. She couldn't eat or talk. You would think one would gain wait from only eating ice cream but we think she lost about 6 pounds. Plus, being home sick for a week is never fun... and boring.

BUT!!! there are always electronics to blur the time away. This was Jewels favorite pass time while she was sick and wounded.

The Carlson Clan is glad to say that she made a full recovery and is totally back to her normal, talkative self!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


To start off, my older sibling "Sister J" has been a janitor for the last three years in a near by middle school. (When she cleans she REALLY cleans!) I don't mind cleaning... if I'm not in a hurry! But as for my Mooma... Mwahahahahahaaaa....

Yesterday, my Mooma was ever so excited to get most the cleaning done around the house while I was at school. (All except my room of course -____-)
When I came home,
I noticed she was sitting on the couch...
with her foot gently resting on a pillow...

She claims she broke her toe...

I asked her what happened... she said she dropped a very heavy object while cleaning...

She turned the other way and went back to her gloomy moaning. I asked for Sister J to tell me her side of the story. She stated the following:
"I don't really know... I came home from school and heard yelling in the garage. I opened the door to find Mooma screaming some words I shouldn't repeat... So I asked what happened and she just yelled": "JIMINY CRICKET!!!"...
"oh...sounds fun..." I said
"ya, well I'm off to work... Have fun!" She said with a grin.

Well guess who received all the cleaning jobs...-_____- My Mooma says, "It's good for your character!" And that I would be a great help to The Carlson Clan yada yada...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Up then Down


Turns out I didn't...

I tried out for the Girl's Softball Team at Provo High! It was way fun!!!
Lots of my friends were there, so we had a blast.
Even though I got cut (as did MANY others) that still doesn't mean I'm going to give up!
Cant wait to play some here at home with my buddies during the summer!
I need a better MIT though... The one I used for tryouts gave me these ouchy sores on my hand. It hurt every time I caught the ball... so I dropped it once in a while >__<.
There are some up sides though!:
don't have to run around every day (even though I'm already doing that in gym...),
don't have to buy the equipment (which let me tell ya, was pretty darn expensive!),
and I get to keep the cookie dough my family ordered! (As do all the others that ordered... don't worry, its in my freezer. I'll get to it sometime *wink wink*) Haha XD
Down side:
I'm the only one in the SOFTBALL CLASS who didn't get on the team... oh well. There is a first for every thing. But what about the next time I have that class... which is tomorrow... sigh -.-
Well, all in all, I had a fantastic time playing!