Monday, April 11, 2011

April 9th 2011

So to start off, on Saturday, my Cousin Allen got married!! Here is some of the pictures I took:

 On the ride to the reception.

 Cooling off the curling iron while driving...
 Can you say slush? It got worse throughout the day...
 My Cousin Paul's wife Diana helping set up!
 My Cousin Anne and her boyfriend Willis.

 Jewel's waiting for the potatoes!!!
 My Cousin Keith and Sister J!
 Mooma and her Bro: Kent.

 My Cousin Debra and her husband.
 Aunt Cathy. Making sure she's getting every one's picture.
 Eating time!

 FAKE! But real wax candles.
 Still waiting for the bride and groom to show!
 My cousin Kevin turns up!
 Uncle Kent calling Allen to see where they are!!!
 They made it!!!
 And are hungry... =D
Well after the wedding, Sister J took me, Hanna banana here, and Jenny G. to a french comedy play! It was soooooooo funny!!!! =D ♥