Friday, February 25, 2011


Alright, so I just got back from watching a movie and eating dinner... IT WAS AMAZING!
 On the bus ride home, a friend of mine got a phone call from his dad (the Bishop =P) asking him if he wanted to go see a movie when he got home. After their conversation, Mic looked at me and asked if I wanted to come. I said I would have to get permission from my Mooma or Dooda first. When I got home, the only one their was Jewels. Disappointed I told Mic I couldn't go... Then with a smirk he told me my Mooma just drove into the garage. I asked her and she said it was fine.
I wont bore you with the movie, for it was kinda weird... a guy flick? Ya know the hole 'bang bang EXPLOSION!' thing... haha. OH! And of course aliens! Ok... it was alright, but... weird.
After the movie Mic's Dad asked if we were hungry. Mic spoke up for both of us, instantly saying "Yes!".
I don't remember what it was called but let me tell ya... it was probably one of the most yummielitous meals Ive ever had. It was this Mexican Restaurant, one and only. It had beautiful paintings covering the walls and the smell of fresh salsa!
all I can say is...


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Piano Recital 2011!

Sister J

All recorded by my dear Mooma!
P.S. Sorry for the bits and parts that are missing. As for the wiggling up and down... that was the breathing from the famous Mooma! =P


Sorry about all the drama. Here is my new blog, and here it will stay! =P